Spirituality and God

Spirituality and God

Spirituality and God
  • The so-called alternative creation doctrine describes in comparison to the common Genesis even more aspects of creation.
  • Learn, for example, how God came to life and how He formed the creation.
  • The Fall of the Angels, which is not described in classical Genesis, gives you an incredible, new look at the otherworldly processes and background of human life on Earth.

Academy of Spirituality - Your spiritual development

In this section I would like to introduce you to various sources for your personal, mental and spiritual development. In addition to products and methods developed by me, such as the EEBM® method, I would also like to introduce other pages and institutions here.

For example, on the Scriptures About God page, you can expect the so-called alternative creation doctrine that you may not have heard before. This lesson has the potential to shake up your whole worldview. These writings describe the so-called ILU doctrine. Under the term " Hermetic " I would like to introduce the reputable acadamy of Hermeticism. This academy contemporary teaches the ancient teachings and laws of the universe. I am a member there myself and can only recommend this academy to any truth seeker and warmly recommend it to my heart.

This area will be successively expanded and filled with valuable information on the topics of spirituality, the development of consciousness, mental and spiritual hygiene, the chakra doctrine, the life force doctrine and the true doctrine of the Creator. In the end, however, you decide which path of spirituality you want to go. All alone or together with others. As individual as each path is, it still has only one common goal: the return to your true Creator and the realization of your Self. Take a look around. In addition to some offers and products, free content is also waiting for you (for example, writings by Sajaha, the Jovian Epiphany, etc.). Let yourself be guided by your higher self and dive into the spiritual world now!

Scriptures about God and the alternative creation theory

Learn in the ancient , mostly Assyrian , Babylonian and Mesopotamian writings everything about God , his origin, about his adversary Lucifer and about the material, earthly creation as well as the fall of hell ( Fall of the angels ).

These ancient writings have often been reconstructed and prepared and thus preserved over the centuries. They contain valuable information and are used for self-knowledge , but also for spreading the truth. These scriptures are an important tool in enlightenment about good and evil - light and shadow - truth and falsehood. Read for yourself what has happened in the heavenly kingdom and how it came to the Fall and keep the good information in your consciousness.

Interesting writings about God and creation await you. These include ancient, mostly Assyrian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian writings, which have survived time or been reconstructed by diligent people. In addition, however, also newer writings join, for example by Jakorb Lorber.

You can download these scriptures for free.

It is very important to me personally to provide these writings accordingly. These writings contain valuable knowledge. For example, one learns important things about the conditions on earth and about our origins as spiritual beings. This knowledge contributes significantly to the broadening of horizons and the development of mental potential. Here you will find the so-called ILU scriptures . Among other things, you can download for free the writings of the ILU Ishtar, the ILU Aschera, the Isaiah Revelation (also Isis Revelation), the Jovian Revelation and the book of the Sajaha including the scriptures from the ancient Sargon.

The chosen ones will understand the contents ...

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